Who is staying where & when (updated 2/10/19):

Nancy: home in Scarborough
Bill: stayng with Nancy (7/5-10)
Betsy: staying with Nancy
Sarah: TBD

Warren: cottage in Ocean Park - two bedrooms available to rent - contact Warren or Amy for more info
Sarah: TBD (7/5-10) maybe w/ Clay & fam
Jen: with Sarah D & fam
Alyce: with Sarah D & fam
Giles: TBD
Marley: TBD
Taylor: TBD
Tracy: TBD
Clay: home in Old Orchard Beach - Clay has offered space - contact him for more info
Megan: home in South portland - we are happy to have anyone stay with us (I have a cat)

Jane, Andrew, Lee, Zack

Updates: Please email updates you would like to post here to Megan at megancboothby@gmail.com
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